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It can mean many things. For example, she is crazy and says hi to everything, not excluding inanimate objects. Or you lost your memory and she is really your long lost sister. Basically, unless you were to provide more information about this phenomenon that could be used to develop a reasonable hypothesis, there is no real way to know the answer to your question. But, assuming you are both completely normal and unexciting people, there are a few logical possible explanations. First, she likes you and wants to be friends. Second, she is simply more social then you and greets people she doesn't know so she will cease to be surrounded by strangers her whole life. Third, you met her once and forgot her but she didn't forget you. Lastly, she's messing with you for fun, trying to unsettle you for her own personal amusement. Anyway, I recommend you say hi back and ask her name. Problem solved.

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Q: If a girl keeps on saying hi without you knowing her what does that mean?
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kantutan tayo ((:

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