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Not necessarily. Asking someone out on a date typically indicates romantic interest, but it doesn't automatically mean she wants to be your girlfriend. It could simply be a way to get to know each other better and see if there is potential for a romantic relationship.

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If she uses the word date, then your girlfriend.

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Q: If a girl asks you out on a date does that mean she want to be your girlfriend or friend?
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What does it mean a girl asks would YOU date him?

It means would you have a relationship with. Be boyfriend and girlfriend? hope his has helped.

How a girl becomes girlfriend?

A girl will become a girlfriend if.... A boy asks out that girl, or a girl asks out that guy because they like each other and the are intertested in each other and there answer is yes then they become boyfriend and girlfriend!

Who asks who on the date?

guy asks girl end of

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What is the meaning difference between the words girlfriend and girl friend?

girl friend is a friend that is girl and not a best friend and girl friend is best friend

How do you spell girl friend in Spanish?

Novia (girlfriend) amiga (for a friend who is a girl)

What is the definition of a girlfriend?

The definition of a girlfriend is a friend that's a girl or you both enjoy having quality time together. A girl who you love and care about; not as a joke or just because you want to look cool.The definition of a girlfriend is someone you love and that loves you and you steady date and do not date others of the opposite sex.

I want to date my close friend thats a girl that i think i might have feelings for but i have a girlfriend that is her friend and i am torn between them what do i do?

Either forget about your girlfriends friend or break up with your girlfriend and date neither of them. Don't be that guy the girls fight over or stops being friends with them because of you, be the bigger person.

What does it mean when a girl asks to see a picture of your girlfriend?

That the girl who asked to see your girlfriend really just wants to see if shes prettier than your girlfriend

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It depends on who your girlfriend is.

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