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Tell him gently. say hes sweet, and that since he likes u its flattering, but u just wanna stay friends. You want to preserve the friendship. Trst me. I KNOw

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Q: If a boy loves girl but the girl doesn't?
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In which situation does a girl say to a boy I love you?

If a girl loves a boy she is free to tell him so. Chances are, he will be delighted to hear it. It is nice to be loved. When she doesnt love him she'll say it. Women are like that

Is Je t'aime for girl or boy?

Je t'aime is not gender-specific, but it is number specific, i.e. one person loves one person, but it can be: (1) one boy loves one girl, (2) one boy loves one boy, (3) one girl loves one boy, or (4) one girl loves one girl.

What does a boy do when he loves a girl?

A boy will constantly look at a girl if he has a crush on her.

If a girl follow a boy what does it mean?

she loves the boy

How do you ask a girl if she loves a boy?

"Hello _______ do you love a boy?"

What are the ratings and certificates for Girl Loves Boy - 1937?

Girl Loves Boy - 1937 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved (certificate #3104)

Can a girl tell a boy that she loves him?

Sure, why not?

Do boys tell girls that they love them or do girls tell boys?

It can be either way, a girl can tell a boy that she loves him or a boy can tell a girl that he loves her.

Did Nikki Sims have a boy or a girl?

She does not have any children at the time. So the answer is NO she doesnt have a boy or a girl.

Can a girl get pregnant if the boy doesnt pull out?

Yes.A girl can even get pregnant if the boy does pull out.

What does it mean when a girl does not admit that she loves you?

that shes doesnt love you.bitch.

How do find out if a girl loves a boy?

If she always looks at the boy, and is shy towards the boy.