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for a girl you should do a sleepover at a local 5 star hotel or at your house and do fun games such as truth or dare and stuff and bring a DVD player and bring a scary movie with special snacks for hotel they give birthday party places and you could eat from there of course the other ideas was just for regular sleepovers at your house. invite 3-5 people. hope you liked my idea!

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  1. Have a themed party with activities like a scavenger hunt or craft station.
  2. Organize a movie night with friends and have a sleepover.
  3. Plan an outdoor adventure like a trip to the zoo or a picnic in the park.
  4. Consider a virtual celebration with online games or a video call party with friends and family.
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Q: Ideas for your birthday you are turning 12?
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Do a themed birthday party. so a movie character party, characters from a particular book or movie, detective party, come dressed as something starting with the letter of the birthday girl etcc

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