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You should ask a tattoo parlor artist this question. They have the skills and the ideas and the talent to answer this.

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Q: I would like to extend my tattoo to wrap up to the back of my shoulder. How should I extend my tattoo?
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What is a good shoulder cap tattoo?

to me I would say a dragon but really that should be up to you hope i helped!

How much money would a tribal tattoo going from your shoulder to your mid arm cost It's not that big it is just a bunch of spiral lines?

It would vary from artist to artist, but a tattoo from your shoulder to your mid-arm (do you mean to the elbow or the middle of the upper arm?) is a very large tattoo no matter what it's of.

Why would it be inappropriate for the shoulder to be a hinge joint?

Imagine a shoulder that acted like you knee. It could only extend in one direction.

What would be the best place for me a guy to get a tattoo of the words Have Faith in Greek that i would see everyday as a reminder?

On your shoulder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What tattoo should accompany a heart tattoo?

The most common tattoo to accompany a heart is probably the rose. Music notes would also compliment the tattoo. A banner would also be classic.

Does Joe Jonas have any tattoos?

No, he does not have a tattoo. I think he should get one. He would look hot with a tattoo.

Would a tattoo on the back of your shoulder or directly below the bikini bottom line hurt too bad?

The bigger they are, the worse they hurt. The shoulder is slightly less sensitive than the abdomen. And it hurts even worse when you change your mind. UPDATED ANSWER If you're having the tattoo on your bottom, it will hurt a lot when you sit down.

Dove tattoo on your left shoulder but would like to expand on it. Any suggestions?

Keep the PEACE motif going. Does the Dove have an olive branch in its beak?

Want a tattoo on your upper leg what do you get?

Whatever you would like. No one other than yourself should decide what you tattoo on your body.

Would you let your boyfriend do your tattoo for you if he is good at it?

If he is a trained tattoo artist and does it regularly, you should be fine. Otherwise, get it done by a professional with a good reputation.

What should you tattoo on your girlfriends booty that would turn you on but anybody else off?

"Taken" or "This belongs to _____" should do it.

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