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Correct me if I'm wrong, you regret cheating? Well let me tell you a little story hear, no man or woman, (esp. man, no fun intended) ever regret cheating when they start it. Did you know if all of us will regret every little things we do, we wouldn't have no problem when it comes to our relationship. But unfortunately we don't because cheating do makes married man or woman feels alive and they think it will never end until it gets discovered by someone. The only thing you can do is do your best to change or you can talk to your Priest, pastor who ever you hurt. And from me I'm sorry..

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It's common to feel remorse after cheating, but the important thing is to learn from your mistake and make amends as best as you can. Reflect on why you cheated, communicate openly with those affected, and take steps to rebuild trust. Consider seeking guidance from a therapist or counselor to work through the underlying issues that led to cheating.

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Q: I regret myself cheating
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Will you regret cheating?

I don't. I found the love of my life that way.

What is the best way to not get caught cheating?

Don't cheat. If you love someone you will regret it. If you don't at least have the decency to leave them first

Is it normal to think about hurting myself?

If you're depressed, yes. I did it and I regret it. Do everything you have to not to hurt yourself though.

What is a sentence using knew?

Example sentence - I knew I should do my homework myself instead of cheating by using websites.

Regret over cheating on a soul mate?

Yes you will have regret if you cheat on your soul mate! I cheated on my soul mate once and a few minutes later I felt horrible!!! Surprisingly they took me back I'm still with them today i did it too. and truthfully it is my worst regret. ever. I'm not sure how you get over it but he took me back which i should be happy about. Regret heals over time and if you firm with yourself- telling yourself its over and one with- then you should get over .

Is cheating on a test sinning?

It depends on your religion. If you are Buddhist or Atheist , then its not really a sin for you. Its not sin for the Islamic religion but you really shouldn't cheat though. But it is a sin if your Catholic or a Christian. I am a Catholic myself. Cheating and Stealing is wrong, therefore it is a sin.

Why would a married man that got caught cheating and feels so bad about hurting the people around him tell his mistress he doesn't regret doing it?

Maybe because when he is with the mistress, he really doesn't regret it, at the time anyway. After he has his fun, that little voice in his head tells him he was wrong. Just an idea.

How do you go about asking your boyfriend of he's cheating?

As i am a boy myself i reckon i wouldent like to be accused of cheating until you are certain they have cheated but if you have that proof best to just go up to him and ask not in a loud vioce but a quiet one

Am pregnant and caught your guy cheating what should you do?

Get counseling and keep the baby at least. You won't regret it when you are older. It is possible to work it out with your guy also. Big thing is talk to an expert on these things.

What are some Mao's Last Dancer quotes?

"I didn't regret what I have done.In a strange way I felt at peace with myself. Elizabeth was my first love.Our marriage was not a marriage of convenience." Li

My ex-boyfriend is cheating on his new girlfriend with me and claims he does not regret it and will fess up to her only he has not how can i make sure that she finds out from someone other than me?

you're pathetic. he's using you. take it from a guy's perspective

Do you trust him after three times cheating?

That's up to you, ultimately. If you believe that, even after three times of him cheating that he can turn around and has proven this by behavior and apology, then if you feel he deserves your trust, you can give it. If you are still wary, however, and uncertain, you should probably give it time so don't feel you'll regret your decision.