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Empire carpet and flooring is a good company that will install quality carpet for a good price. Their phone number is 1-800-588-3200 and their website is

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Q: I need someone to install my carpet who thought?
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How do you install and stretch carpet?

do you need a power stretcher to install a carpet or can you ues a knee kicker

Do you need a license to install carpet?


Shaw Carpet?

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Cheap Carpet?

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Carpet for Stairs?

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What qualifications are needed to install carpet and tile?

You don't need many qualifications to install carpet and tile. You only need to have the necessary items to do this, have an instruction manual and you're good to go.

Do you need a moister barrier if you install carpet over linoleum no pad?

No, you do not.

What tools do you need to install carpet?

To install a carpet you would need to make sure you have the proper equipment. You will need a tape measure, seam tape to connect multiple pieces of carpet together, a putty knife to push the carpet under the baseboards of a room (if it has baseboards), a power stretcher to ensure your carpet remains tight and does not wrinkle, a carpet pad and glue to keep the carpet off your floor directly and make it feel softer, carpet cutters to trim away excess carpet and a tack strip around the perimeter of your ROM to hold the carpet down.

Carpet Tiles?

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Is it easier to install carpet tiles than other types of carpet?

Carpet tiles offer a lot of benefits, but you need to follow some simple steps to get the best installation. Start by finding the center of the room, and begin there, working outward. You need to install them on a clean hard surface - not over your old carpet. Make sure the carpet nap or any pattern is all facing the same way. If you are making a patterned carpet you'll need to follow the design.

Carpet Installation Costs?

When you are choosing new carpet for your home, you will also need to consider the costs for the installation of your new carpet. If you install the carpet yourself, you will also need to purchase carpet matting and tack strips as well as any tool costs associated with installation. Sometimes the matting will come with the purchase of the carpet. You will need to consider any labor costs if you hire a professional to install your carpeting. You can save money by looking for deals at your local home improvement stores that offer free or low cost installation with your carpet purchase.

If the carpet has not been changed in 21 years should I install a new carpet?

If it doesn't need changing then don't change it. Spending money you don't need to is not clever, and new carpets don't come cheap.