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To love someone else means you really can't love your husband. If you were happy and content with him then you would never love another person. You need to think about what you really want. If you have strong feelings for another person then your not being fair on your husband. Maybe its time you spoke to the other person and your husband. He doesn't deserve to be married to someone who is only giving him half a heart.


Stop right there, you are headed to a life that will ruins people lives. You might say that you are careful but take my words for it if you want to ave a life with your husband, do not do what most men will say when they get caught cheating, " I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you." Just don't..

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Q: I love my husband but i love someone else also?
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What if you fall love will someone else besides your husband?

There will be a chance for your husband getting mad at you and dumping or divorcing you and there's also a chance that the one who you love will fight your husband to win you over

Should you give up on your husband if he is in love with someone else?


How do you let go husband who does not love me snd love someone else?

=Well it is hard but if he loves someone else and you really love him you would let him go with his heart and you would let him have what he wants=

What should you do if you feel that the guy you love is also with someone else?

If your guy is in love with someone else, cut your losses and move on. You can't make someone love you if they don't.

What do you do if you're in a relationship and you love that person but you are also in love with someone else?

You can't be in love with someone else. You pick one, and thats the girl you pick.

What type of quality should be an ideal husband?

Someone who truly love you and you also love them. Love is Strong.

Your husband is in love with someone else and wants a divorce from you What shall you do?

Make sure you get 50% of ALL assest and get on with your life

If you are in love with your husband's best friend and are really attracted to him how do you know if he is attracted to you?

The big problem here is that you have a husband and are in love with someone else. I would worry about that issue more than the possible affair with the friend.

Love a married woman?

Although that is very very wrong & might be hard to deal with , you can't help who you love & sometimes when the one you love is with someone else you feel helpless & lost .. if she loves you too she would leave her husband for you but keep in mind that if she would leave someone for you she would leave you for someone else .

Is it possible to love one person with your heart and be true only in your heart and be married to someone else and be true to that person in your marriage?

No - it is selfish. Your heart is somewhere else but your settling for your husband in which in the above question you do not mention love but just being true. You are not being fair to your husband or yourself.

Can i bring my boyfriend from Ecuador to the US even tho im still married with someone else in Ecuador?

No you can't bring this boyfriend of yours over cuz that would be cheating on your husband. Doesn't your husband love or do you not love him? If you love your husband let this so called boyfriend go! But if you don't love your husband get a Divorce, if you have children be mindful of their Opinion.

Who sang Come and Get Your Love?

I have it by Redbone but I think it was also made by someone else.