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it depends on where you let him touch you

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Q: I let another guy other than my boyfriend touch me... Is that cheating?
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Is your boyfriend cheating if he lives with you and doesn't even want to touch you anymore?

maybe you boyfriend is cheating on you are he as just grown apart from you because you'll live togather I think that one of you need to move out and get your on place if it still gose to where he still does not touch you then that means that he is cheating on you are he not attracted to you any more an dyou need to move on with your life

Would your cheating boyfriend want you to mix and be in touch with his family if he didnt love you?

Sorry to say, but you are enabling your boyfriend who is cheating and therefore he feels he can treat you any way he likes so he will be with you part of the time and take you to his family knowing full well you will sit there in silence about his cheating while he still cheats. You need to stand strong; know you can be independent and tell your boyfriend you are not putting up with his nonsense and he either gets help for his cheating or the relationship is over. You deserve better.

My boyfriend ask me if he should shave his five o clock shadow cause he said another girl said it scratched her why would he tell me that?

my question is how did the other girl touch it.? if she can touch it then she or he must be WAY too close

You think you visually cheated on your boyfriend?

Most men (all ages) look at an attractive woman and it is not cheating for a woman of any age to admire a handsome mind or even fantasize about them. It's normal and as long as one looks and does not touch it is not considered cheating.

Is your boyfriend gay if he does not touch you?

NO. He's only gay if he is sexually attracted to other guys.

Why wont she admit it she touched your boyfriend and argues with you saying she did not which your boyfriend told you that she touched him and he don't lie?

it's not like she's having sex with him.... it's just a touch everyone touches each other. if she continues to touch your boyfriend confront her about it nicely

Is my boyfriend cheating when I accidentally read his text where this girl was asking for a dirty picture and my boyfriend asked why and at the end said he didn't mind one only?

Just because people are flirting on the Internet and they are already going with someone it is cheating. Your boyfriend has no right to be in touch with this girl. If you are wise you would confront him about this and let him know you accidentally saw the text and read it and you are not putting up with it. Ask him how he would like you doing the same to him.

Your boyfriend moved to Texas and you still like him a lot but another boy wants you to be his girlfriend how can you say no to him nicely?

tell him that you are already taken and in-touch with your boyfriend (if you are in touch) then he will understand he is too late and will either wait or move on. or if he is mean he will sabotage or something

How will you know if a woman is cheating?

If she cringes at your touch or blows off your attempts at intimacy she could be cheating.

When your ex-boyfriend ask you why you let another boy touch you is he jealous when he you ask that?

He could be jealous, but he could also be concerned for your safety.

My husband don't like me to touch a part of his body is this a sign of him cheating?

If before you use to touch this certain part of his body and now you cannot of course this is one of the major sign of he is cheating.

How do you make the i touch bluetooth identify another i touch?

by making sure the other device have the bluetooth turned on