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I think you were told not to mess with it other than to clean it, the piercing will twisat in time dont force it and more over just clean it and leave it alone, try pushing and pulling gently but only when cleaning.

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Q: I just got my nose pierced and it won't twist is that bad?
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Im 13 and you want to get your nose pierced but your parents wont let you how do you make them let you get it done?

Just do it yourself if you want it so bad...

How can a pierced nose be hidden?

u can put cover up on it and people wont see it

When you get your nose pierced is it your choice to get it numbed?

It depends on where you get it done. I have just recently gotten my nose pierced and it doesn't hurt in the least bit. It stings a little bit when they first do it, but numbing is un-needed. Trust me. Focus on your breathing and you wont even know they did it already. Good luck!

Can you get your nose pierced through a zit?

Most likely, no. Where I work we wont because of bacteria as spots and zits are caused by dirt.

How painful is it to get your ears pierced?

it is just like a nip if you are not a wimp it wont hurt at all :D

What do you do if your piercing your own nose but the needle wont go completely through?

You go to a professional and get it pierced properly. And in the meantime, keep the area clean to avoid infection.

What does Claires say about twisting your earings?

if you just got them pierced its just to help them heal right or better your skin wont stick to the earring

Can you get your eyelid pierced?

you could but you wont be able to blink after.

What happens if you cut your nose off?

You wont have a nose ;)

How long does it take for nose piercings to close?

It clearly depends on how long the piercing has been pierced for. If its still new, it wont take long at all...sometimes even seconds. If it has been pierced for 6 months to a year the hole should be there, although it may shrink up.

How do you blow your nose with a septum piercing?

you just blow your nose like usual, just dont squeeze on your nose with the tissue like you usually do. Just takes some getting used to, but no, it wont bleed or cause damage. Just be gentle and cautious until its fully healed.