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You can get a wireless hookup for your laptop with a cellphone company.

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Q: I just bought laptop how do i get wireless hookup?
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i already have internet thru my cable i have a laptop wireless and i want to add my laptop to my internet?

Just get a wireless 802.11 adapter for the laptop to connect to the internet.

What can WiFi do on your laptop?

Wifi is just wireless internet connection.

Can Xbox live on a wireless laptop?

Search for xbox without wireless adapter and you will see videos on how to do just that.

Why wouldn't my Acer laptop pick up my wireless connection?

There are numerous reasons for your laptop not to pick up your wireless connection. Check the following and see if they solve your problem. 0.5 Check if your wireless router is switched ON! 1. Check if your laptop has a wireless card in it (old models might not have). 2. Check whether your wireless network is hidden. If it is just set it to visible. 3. Check that you are in the range of the wireless network. 4. Check the network configuration of your laptop. 5. Check if the wireless adapter on your laptop is not disabled. 6. If any of these don't help call a technician :).

Does the wireless xbox 360 guitar hero guitar work for PC?

I have tried it and it works fine. Just as long as there's a usb cable hookup.

How do you reinstall wireless card on my Acer laptop?

just search for the driver installer in the internet. just google it

Where can one find a cheap router for a laptop?

Down the road at the local electronics store will be a good place to look first. Wireless routers are usually not expensive no matter where they are bought from as they are just a simple, but useful, tool.

What places have a internet connection not wireless just internet with a plug from the laptop?

My computer in my bedroom does

I have modem connected to my desktop just bought a laptop. Is it all I need to is connect router and USB adapter to desktop. Modem to the router the router radiates the connection to bothHelp plea?

if modem has wireless capablity, then no need for a router

I want to know if it is possible to have internet on your laptop in your home without a desktop like just a router on a table or something?

If you have a cable connection and you don't have a wireless router you need to get one. When you are purchasing a wireless router make sure that it's compatible with your laptop wireless adapter.

How do you connect to free wireless hot spots with laptop?

When you go somewhere that has a wireless connection it will say, "Wireless connection detected". You will have to go and click the button that showed this message to chose that wireless connection and connect to it.

i want to use my computer at work on my breaks. can i use my laptop with wireless connection.?

Yes I did that all the time. Just open the wireless and look for a wifi open.