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You can get a wireless hookup for your laptop with a cellphone company.

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Q: I just bought laptop how do i get wireless hookup?
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How do you connect to the internet with a laptop if you have a router?

Your router should have a wireless network. Read the manual for how to enable it and set up a key, then connect to it with your laptop. Or just use a cable like with a desktop.

How do you connect Gateway laptop to a router?

There are two ways to connect your laptop to a router, wired and wireless. If your laptop is fairly new, it will likely support both types of connections. The easiest way to connect your laptop is wired. If your router is in the same room as your laptop, or if your router doesn't have wireless functionality, then you should wire it. Just get a standard ethernet cable, with the length depending on how far you have to connect it. However, if you want to be able to walk around your house or even go outside without cables holding you back, set up a wireless connection, if your laptop and router support it. You have to use network connections to connect to an available network, which you will have to set up using software that comes with your router. Once you are connected, you can go anywhere and receive internet as long as you are still in range of your router. Getting a more powerful router will increase your range.

You have just bought the local rag. What have I bought?

I have bought the local newspaper, I don't know what you bought.

How do you connect a hp printer to a laptop?

If you have a CD drive in your laptop and the printer comes with a CD with the installation program, just put it in and the install program should start immediately. Then just follow the screen prompts. If your laptop doesn’t have a CD drive, Go to the printer manufacturer’s website and download their driver for your OS and if they also include the installation program, download that too. Hookup the USB cable (which likely came with the printer) and when a popup message says to install the driver, point it to the folder you downloaded the driver into and follow the screen prompts. If you need more help then please connect with printer support USA +1 8669184391.

What is the best laptop for internet surfing?

the INTERNET is relatively easy thing to come by. there are essentially 4 things that contribute to a laptops ability to connect and surf; these are ram, possessor, wireless device, and bus speed. battery life is important to but only if you plan on spending lots of time away from an outlet, like a bus or train. any laptop that has at least 2gb ram, 2.0ghtz possessor, wireless G, and buss speed of 800mbps you will be just fine. if you are going to be watching HD movies tho i recommend getting a laptop with a good video card.

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i already have internet thru my cable i have a laptop wireless and i want to add my laptop to my internet?

Just get a wireless 802.11 adapter for the laptop to connect to the internet.

What can WiFi do on your laptop?

Wifi is just wireless internet connection.

How do you hook up a wireless laptop to wireless router?

first u need to install your wireless driver on your laptop then just use the software supplied by the manufacture and scan for router. Really simple Google your problem it works

Can Xbox live on a wireless laptop?

Search for xbox without wireless adapter and you will see videos on how to do just that.

How to turn on your wireless internet connection?

AnswerVery simple just turn on the switch of your wireless router and then turn your wireless connection switch in your laptop or connect to wireless connection if on PC.

Why wouldn't my Acer laptop pick up my wireless connection?

There are numerous reasons for your laptop not to pick up your wireless connection. Check the following and see if they solve your problem. 0.5 Check if your wireless router is switched ON! 1. Check if your laptop has a wireless card in it (old models might not have). 2. Check whether your wireless network is hidden. If it is just set it to visible. 3. Check that you are in the range of the wireless network. 4. Check the network configuration of your laptop. 5. Check if the wireless adapter on your laptop is not disabled. 6. If any of these don't help call a technician :).

Do you need a desktop PC to connect a wireless laptop Or can you just connect it to a router?

What every wireless network has is a WAP (Wireless Access Point). A router is the best choice and you only need one computer (a laptop with a wireless Network card will do just fine)...The WAP in turn, hooks up to either your phone line or cable and then off to your Internet Service Provider so you can get Internet access. So I guess to answer your questioin, no you do not need a desktop. Just a Wireless Access Point (router) and your laptop with a wireless network card is it.

How do you reinstall wireless card on my Acer laptop?

just search for the driver installer in the internet. just google it

What places have a internet connection not wireless just internet with a plug from the laptop?

My computer in my bedroom does

Who is the best wireless laptop provider?

There is no best wireless laptop provider. Wireless capability is a feature included in most new laptops, but they would all use either 802.11g or 802.11n. The best wireless you can get built into a new laptop now is 802.11n (or just wireless n). You will get the most speed and range with the N. If by provider you are talking about wireless broadband cards for laptops, the best bet would probably be AT&T

Do you need an Xbox 360 wireless network adapter if you have wireless internet in your home?

If you want a wireless internet hookup for the xbox then it is necessary to have a wireless network adapter. If you don't want to buy one you can always hookup the xbox to the internet with an ethernet cable. but do u only need that cable and it will work?? i have wireless internet and if i connect the ethernet cable to xbox from the computer it will work?? Answer- NO you can not plug ur xbox straight into your computer. You won't get internet that way. You have to use an ethernet cable and plug it into ur wireless router. Or you can just buy a wireless adaptor.

Where can one find a cheap router for a laptop?

Down the road at the local electronics store will be a good place to look first. Wireless routers are usually not expensive no matter where they are bought from as they are just a simple, but useful, tool.

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