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If you also have cramps in the stomach the chances are very much there that you are pregnant.

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Q: I have bad stomach pains been sick every day for a week my stomach is very swollen and pain in my lower back?
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What are the symptoms for having your period?

sometimes you may experience breast sorness, vaginal pains, stomach pains, lower back pains and few others.

What does it mean if you are having lower back pains and side pains an the lower part of your stomach?

This could be a kidney infection and needs to be evaluated by your doctor or midwife ASAP.

What does it mean when you have lower stomach pains?

I'm pretty sure it is when your about to start ur peirod...

What does it mean when you are ten and a female and have stomach pains in the lower stomach?

Sounds like you are not far off getting your first period

I wake up every morning with bad stomach pains in my lower stomach it feels like my stomach is tight. Could this mean I'm pregnant?

yes you could possibly be young one take 2 pregnancy tests and find out

9 weeks pregnant and getting lower back and stomach pain?

Im 9wks2days lower back pain since 6wks, now stomach pains. Was told its normal, possibly round ligament pains or maybe simply gas lol.

You have stomach pains and poop every time you drink beer?

Stop drinking beer.

What causes stomach pains?

stomach pains are caused when the food has not been digested

You had some lower stomach pains lately and your breast are very itchy can you be pregnant?

Yes. Take a test

What causes lower stomach pains?

Pregnancy, too much food put in there, period is coming, or compacted

Can you be 4 weeks' pregnant and have stomach pains?

Yes. But stomach pains need investigating.

What are the symptoms of stomach pains?

Some symptoms of stomach pains are aching feelings in your stomach, and other things in the category. Things that you would call a "stomach ache" to harsh bruise like feelings inside your stomach are signs of stomach pains.

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