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An old pimple in the area you will be getting your nose pierced shouldn't be an issue

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Q: I have an old pimple in the area i will be getting my nose pierced will this be a problem?
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Can you get your back dimples pierced?

There will be some out there that will say yes, but that is only because they out for money and could care less if the piercing lasts or not. Getting that area pierced would be a waste of time and money, you would not be able to look after the piercings. They would be subject to irritation all the time. Those two reasons alone would set the piercings up for rejection and migration.

How old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced in Indiana?

Contact your local health protection/ inspection office they will be happy to advise you on the age requirements for your area.

How old to get your lip pierced in Indiana?

Age requirements and piercing prices all vary from city to city and area to area. The best answer is to contact your local body piercing studios and ask about prices and age limits for your area.

If your noise ring comes out how long do you have to wait before you can get it repierced i accidentally pulled mines out in my sleep the day after i got it which was last night?

You'll need to give the piercing area time to heal properly before getting it re-pierced. How long that is depends on how quickly your body heals, and how irritated the area got when you pulled the ring out. Good luck!

Can I swim after just getting a ear piercing?

It is best to wait 3 to 4 weeks before swimming in any area with heavy chlorine or any possibility of bacteria. Be sure to clean your ears throughly before and after swimming and always follow the instructions of the person or store that pierced your ears.

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How do you know you are getting a pimple?

You know when youre getting a pimple when a small area of your skin swells, and becomes sore when touched.

Which one hurts more getting your tongue pierced or getting a tattoo?

Tattoo is a longer period of annoying sensation as apposed to a tongue piercing which is quick, besides there are no pain receptors in the area of the tongue that is normally pierced.

I am fourteen what do you say about getting your tongue pierced?

Check with your local health unit, they will have the age requirements and a list of licensed facilities in your area.

Is seafood ok to eat after getting tongue piercings?

No, theres a kind of nutrition in it that causes the newly pierced area to swell up. Best to avoid it.

What is the real definition for the word hobnocker?

Its a pimple on your lower chest area

When a pimple is popped can it be cured?

Yes, but if it is popped it can cause redness in the area.

What is the best type of treatment for pimple treatment?

The best way to treat a pesky pimple is to apply an alcohol based rub after washing the affected area. This will dry the pimple from the inside out, and will produce results within the first 24 hours.

How long does it take for a pimple in your pubic area to go away?

As long as it is not infected and you get the in grown hair or grease plug out of the poor that was causing the pimple two or three days.

What happens when you pop a pimple?

The area where you pop the pimple goes red and white puss goes everywhere. You might even start bleeding. DON'T POP PIMPLES!

Can you use nystain and triamcinolone on a pimple?

Nystatin/triamcinolone is a steroid / antifungal combination. It would not be expected to have any beneficial effect on acne. If the pimple is with an area of fungal infection to be treated with the drug, it may be applied over the pimple without risk.

What is a stye in your eye?

A stye is a pimple. The only difference is, Stye's occur in the area of the eye.

What is a ring of color?

small circular area such as that around the human nipple or an inflamed area around a pimple or insect bite

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