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if you can fit a 16 gauge plus 4 20 gauges your probably at around an 8 gauge but not nessesarely if you can put 4 20 gauges in your at a 14 gauge

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Q: I have a 16 g earing in and can fit 4 20 g earings in also what size gauge is your ear?
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How big is nose piercing hole?

The size of a normal earing.

What is the value of old African ivory earings?

If the earings are true ivory they can be up to one hundred dolers depending on what size, and how they where made.

If you have a normal ear piercing what size gauge do you go to?

There is no standard size. A smaller one is 16 gauge. 10 gauge is larger, but less likely to be ripped out. (ouch) Smaller gauge is riskier when it comes to accidentally catching them on something and hurting yourself. i went from a normal earing to an eight guage,it hurts a litle bit but you wan to get your guage size smler wic that means the gauge is biger as quik as you can but not to quick ,and dont shove it very fast becuase yo can blow your ear out,the skin wil pus to the back of the earhole and stay

How do you convince your dad to buy medium-size hoop earings?


Is a pencil a size 0 gauge size?

No, a pencil is not a size 0 gauge size but a 4 gauge.

What size gauge is a pencil?

The size gauge that can be compared to tat of a pencil is a 4 gauge.

What size stone fits a 2 mm 4-prong stud earing setting?

2 mm :(

How much does it hurt to get your ear lobes pierced with 10 gauge rings?

a lot if u want to get size 10 gauge u should get the normal ear piercing size which is a size 20 or 18 gauge and slowly gauge it to a size 10 gauge

What is the gauge size of dimple piercing?

16g is the most used you can also use 14g

Are 20G morbid metal barbells the same as regular earrings?

Yes, 20G is about the standard size for a regular earing.

Is the gauge of the needle the bore size?

Yes, the larger the gauge the smaller the needle size.

What is the gauge size of a tragus piercing?

16 is the standard size. It may also be possible to do 14, but most peoples Tragus' would not accomadate this size.