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Might be. Best to go see a doctor. Then they can do a pregnancy test and also check for other disorders that could have similar symptoms.

Answercan a girl have a period after she has been in-pregnated Answerdoes a pregnancy test tell you right away that you are pregant
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Q: I had a early short period bad cramps lasting for days dizziness sore boobs and headaches is that a sign for pregnancy?
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Are having cramps headaches and dizziness signs of pregnancy?


Are dizziness and cramping normal in the first trimester?

Yes, dizziness, cramps and headaches are all normal in pregnancy - most often caused by hormonal fluctuations.

Are headaches constipation and cramps a sign of pregnancy?


What are the signs of having your period or the signs of pregnancy?

Period: Cramps Headaches Nausea Diarrohea Tired Emotional and moody Pregnancy: Missed period Headaches Dizziness Feeling sick and actually being sick Exhausted Positive pregnancy test Emotional and moody Needing to pee more

Are having cramps and dizziness signs of pregnancy?

take a pregnancy test and/or call yer doct

If you are a virgin but your period is very heavy and are experiencing bad cramps and dizziness?

As long as you have not had intercourse, with anyone , and even if you have heavy heavy, and you have cramps and dizziness , are not signs of pregnancy.

How can you tell whether you have your period or when your pregnant?

Mostly signs of a period and pregnancy are similar but there are more signs to pregnancy. If you have your periods you'd experience: cramps, headaches, sometimes nausea and/or diarrhea, headaches, mood swings and when you are pregnant you'd experience: dizziness for some women, exhaustion, your abdomen feels hard like a ball as if blotted, and a need to pee more often than normal.

What are some symptoms before your period?

Sympotoms may include Acne, menstrual cramps, mood swings, Headaches, dizziness, sore breasts, food cravings.

Could cramps lower-back-pain burping hiccups nausea headaches dizziness sore breasts and excessive urination all be signs of pregnancy when two days late for your period?

Well I have the same symptoms as you do, without the backpain. I took a pregnancy test 4 days ago and it was negative....I so puzzled!

Can pregnancy cause cramps?

Pregnancy can cause cramps.

Would you get cramps and headaches if your near your period?

i am not sure about headaches but u will get cramps if ur near ur period

Ive been trying for a baby are stomach cramps and a headache an early pregnancy symptom?

i had bad stomach cramps and headaches in early pregnancy, i was convinced i was going to start my period.. but i didnt i now 5 months pregnant and i still get bad heads and some period like cramps.. Hope this helps

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