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Tell them straight up that you don't want to go, that your not into those kinds of things, or that you just don't feel up to it. If there really your friends, they will respect your decision and not hold it against you.

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Q: I dont want to go to your friends sleepover what should you do?
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Should parents be able to pick your friends?

I Dont Know Because .. For One They Dont Haveto Play With YOUR Friends But They Dont Want You To Be Friends With Nasty People, SO I Dont Know!!

Should i Wear a diaper to a sleepover?

It depends on your age, whether you normally wear a nappy at home as you are a bed-wetter, and do you really want your friends to know that you still wear a nappy? Only you can decide - if in doubt, don't sleepover.

What do you do if you told friends they are coming to your sleepover and your mum says there is too much people?

Tell your mum that you invited to many people and you dont want to leave anyone out. I'm sure she would understand.

Excuses to say to not sleepover have dinner at a friends house wen u dont want to believable answers pls my friend is 13 btw and she doesn't want to sleepover or have dinner somewhere?

It is always good to just be polite but honest. Thank your friend for the invitation but say you are not able to make it. At any age, it is always best to be direct but polite.

You really want to have a twilight party for your birthday but you only have like two friends who like twilight should I have a twilight party or a or a regular party?

have a regular party, then after have a twilight sleepover.

I can't sleep without the light on and i am going to my friends sleepover and she can sleep without the light on but i don't want to tell her what should you do?

be a man and grow some hair on ur balls

How do you break up a friends relationship?

just tell them you dont want to be friends no more

How do you have a memorable sleepover?

From my experience, the best way to have a memorable sleepover, is to not plan it too much. Memories are made when something funny happens or something really different happens. If you plan it right down to the very last detail, it'll feel more like an itinerary or a TO DO list, than a spontaneous sleepover. However you should still plan some stuff to do in your head, and think how each person will react at the sleepover (you dont want to force anyone to do something they dont want to). Bring cameras, and nail polish and other things that you know that you and your friends like doing, so you can have fun doing it together. Do silly dares (not mean or truly embarrassing ones) and stay up all night! Have fun!

How do you tell a guy you want to hold his hand in front of his friends?

you dont have to do it in front of his friends if you dont want to tell him you have to tell him something in private and when you are away from them then explain to him that you want to hold his hand and it should all work out........Good luck

If you want a sleepover twilight party what should you do?

watch twilight have a twilight quiz :)

I want to hang out with people at school they dont want me to hang out with them should i talk to my imaginary friends and hang out with them What is your option?

My opinion is first you need to get rid of your imaginary friends. If those people do not want to hang out with you then that is their loss. You should friends that like you for you. Just please get rid of the imaginary friends.

What to do when yopu want to go to a friends house to sleepover but scared to ask your mom?

you can always ask your friends mom to ask her or you can ask your moms spouse if she has one