I can not ejeculate

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Try getting girl friend...

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Q: I can not ejeculate
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Can girls ejeculate?

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Do women ejeculate?

Yes they do. It does not matter the age of the women. during a high excitement of the body through sexual relations the sex a women will ejeculate

What part does the woman ejeculate from?

The urethra. Female ejaculation is often mistaken for urine, but it's not.

Is it ok if you ejeculate black sperm?

no ur probs realls sick!! u might have a STD

Does girl ejeculate at end of sex?

It would be much more fun for you to go and find out for yourself.

How do you hatch a diamond dragon in dragon story?

ejeculate onto your hand and then rub it on the remote, dragon will hatch in no time!

Do shemales ejeculate?

SolutionYes shemales can ejaculate because they have a penis that function's like a guy's penis. Of course they can ejaculate.

How do you make your self ejeculate?

take ur hand and play with it a little wen its hard stroke it faster and faster itll happen

Do females ejeculate?

females do not ejactulate like males do..occasionally they may have a spurt of lubrication that can appear as ejactulate. or it can be urine sinse the bladder is so close

How can a male ejeculate more semen?

jack off like no TOMOrOW That is a very good way to do it, but I would try asking a girl.

I am 13 and I ejaculated for the first time today but it didn't shoot out it sort of dribbled out is this normal?

Just because you ejeculated it doesnt mean it has to shoot out. When you ejeculate it can shoot or dribble so theres no problem.

What do women ejeculate?

Women don't really ejaculate the same way a man does. However, when a women reaches climax fluids can get released that serve to both lubricate and change the Ph of the vagina to make it more "hospitable" for semen.