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the baby is probobly kicking there or ask your docter.

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2010-11-14 03:35:08
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Q: I am Pregnant and i have a pain on my right hand side lower stomach what could this be?
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Could you be pregnant if you have pains right below your belly button?

Yes you could. That is what happend to my mom. She felt kicks in her lower stomach and went to the hospital.

Pain lower right side of stomach?

Pain in the lower right side of the stomach could be caused by anything. This pain could be from a bruise or bump for example.

Why do i have Heavy sore breast tingling nipples bad cramps on left and right side of lower stomach what could these symptoms be?

You might be pregnant - take a test

If I have veins on right side of lower stomach what organ is under there?

The pancreas is right under the stomach. The pancreas is right under the stomach.

Why are you gettin pain in right side of tummy?

Pain in the right side of the stomach can be many things, could be muscular, could be gas, could be appendix. If it's a sharp pain in the lower right side of your stomach, you should probably call your doctor or head to the hospital.

What does it mean when your Stomach hurt feels like your going to throw up does that mean your pregnant?

No, my stomach hurts pretty bad right now but I could be sick or just something like a stomach ache. But that doesn't necessarily mean your pregnant.

What does it mean when your stomach hurts and the right side of your lower belly hurts feels like sharp stabbing pains?

Being the lower right abdomen, it could be appendicitis. If so, you need to see a doctor. If it bursts, you could die. You may be having cramps,,,or you could be pregnant if you know what i mean. Most likely its cramps. Check with your doctor dont be afraid to ask around. You also may be having bad stomach aches like me my head been hurting and i been fellin dizzy and my stomach hurts an evrytime press down its a sharp pain

What can Stomach pain lower right be?

that's where the appendix is situated. it could be that the appendix needs to be removed because of any inflammation

What could cause you to have lower stomach pains like being stabbed to your left and sometimes right?

IT COULD BE AN APPENDICITIS...when my appendix ruptured i had pain all over, not necessairly on the right side It could just be wind.

Is it normal to have sharp pains in your lower right side of your stomach while your pregnant?

Could just be movement or baby is pushing against some thing, but I'm not a doctor but I recomend getting a check up by a doctor or your mid wife ASAP

You have pain in your lower right side but if you push on it it hurts worse Is that a sighn of appendicitus?

It could or it could be a kidney infection. But if you have it any where in your lower stomach side or back it could be because your appendix floats around when infected. and try not to touch it it could make it worse.

When you have appendicitis which part of the stomach hurts?

lower part of the abdomen on your right

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