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You should go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a doctor) and get checked over about this.

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Q: I am Having two periods a month within a week and Very tired.?
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I had Implantation bleeding 4mths ago but now I'm really tired having periods but they went into a pattern after IB now I'm tired and bloated and 1 day late this month which neverbeen late in my life?

oviously your pregnet, but sometimes that said it never happened before, you need to get that checked out.

Two periods last month and no period this month Feeling Nauseated the past 4 days and always tired What is that mean?

You could be pregnancy. Purchase an over the counter pregnancy test.

My monthly cyle this month is lasting longer this time although bleeding is light. However I am having periods of dizziness. Mainly during the night - rolling over in bed or getting out of bed.?

You may be slighty anemic which means your blood is "tired" You need to see a doctor to get checked

You were fishing but you got tired?

If you are not used to fishing, it is very possible that you will be tired. It may be best to fish for short periods of time.

What causes a dog too pant while having her period?

Dogs don't have periods, she's in heat and panting probably because she's too hot... Or if a male dog bred her she will pant afterwards because she's tired.

What happens before periods?

you usually get break-out, cramps, tired, breasts hurts, bloated, and PMS.

What if you just eat peaches for a month?

You'll feel very weak and tired.

25 days after having a local dental anesthetic for a filling why do you still feel very tired and drugged?

You should not still feel tired and drugged 25 days after having local dental anesthetic for a filing. Contact your family doctor to find out why you are so tired.

Which adjective beginning with ex means extremely tired and having no energy?

Exhausted is an adjective that begins with ex and means extremely tired.

Why do your eyes go out of focus and you have to stare to refocus them?

The eyes can get dry and the lens my get tired an weak over ling periods of activity

Can you be Pregnant if you have the pregnancy Symptoms ex Nausious Cravings and hungry more than usual Back hurts tired more cramps everyday and missed 2 periods and then had period the 3rd month?

Sounds to me like you've just had a miscarriage. Why didn't you get a pregnant test done dear?

What is a homophone with rubber around its wheel and is wearyr?

The homophone for "tired" that fits the description is "tyred." This word sounds the same as "tired" but refers to having a rubber covering on a wheel.