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i cant i scratch it all off

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Q: I Scratched off part of my iTunes Gift Card Activation Code What can you do?
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What to do when iTunes card code can not be made out?

what is the answer when i can't make out the itunes code, because it's been scratched off.

Do you need credit card number when you use itunes gift card?

Nope! All you do is log in, go to the itunes homepage and click "redeem". There you type in the code that you have scratched off on the back of your itunes gift card.

You scratched your itunes code off accidentally what can you do?

Keep trying to enter it until the "need help " button appears. Then type the last four digits of ur activation number than the line of numbers on the bottom left of the card

What if you just scratched the code of your iTunes gift card?

Go to apple customer service and type in the code in the bottom left hand corner of the card.

What is the answer when you cant make out the itunes code because its been scratched off?

sorry, there are different codes on every card. either go out and buy a new card or just don't scratch too hard next time.

How can you delete an iTunes gift card if you already entered the code?

how can you delete an itunes gift card if you enterd the code if apple Id does not work

What is a wii points card activation code?

Theres no generator. You have to buy a card

ITunes gift card codes?

this made my day I got a iTunes Card Code and it got accepted! If you need a code check out

Activation code on a membership card for club penguin?


Do Alaskan malamutes have enemies?

I just got an iTunes card code for free! :D http://freeitunes.ccI just got an iTunes card code for free! :D http://freeitunes.ccI just got an iTunes card code for free! :D

What is the difference between an iTunes card and an iTunes apps card?

Yes,you can go onto your account settings for iTunes and then click Edit payment information. You can enter an iTunes card as long as you have the code on the back that's only when you start creating an account when you already have an account you go to itunes and go to redeem and type in your itunes gift card code

Can you tell me a club penguin membership card activation code?