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Q: Hugh Grant was arrested for propositioning which woman?
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Who was an actor with the first name of Hugh?

Hugh Jackman <--- He's Australian!!! Hugh Grant Hugh Laurie

Is Hugh Grant single?

No, Hugh Grant is not single.

What is Hugh Grant's occupation?

Hugh Grant is a/an Actor

When was Hugh Grant born?

Hugh Grant was born on September 9, 1960

Is Hugh Grant an English actor?

Yes Hugh Grant is English.

How many children does Hugh Grant have?

Hugh Grant has 5 children

Is Richard E Grant related to Hugh Grant?

No. Hugh Grant and Richard E Grant are not at all related.

When was Hugh J. Grant born?

Hugh J. Grant was born in 1858.

When was Hugh Grant - manager - born?

Hugh Grant - manager - was born in 1958.

What is Hugh Grant's birthday?

Hugh Grant's birthday is 9 September 1960.

When did Hugh Grant get married?

Hugh Grant married to Anna Eberstein in 2018

When is Hugh Grant's birthday?

Hugh Grant was born on September 9, 1960