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18 in most states

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Q: How young can a boy bareback another boy?
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What is another word for boy?

young man

What is a sentence with bareback?

She is a versatile bareback rider.

What is gender of lad?

A lad is a young boy, a male child.

When was Bareback - album - created?

Bareback - album - was created in 1991.

When was Bareback Ride created?

Bareback Ride was created on 1993-06-01.

What is it called to ride without a saddle?

Riding Bareback

Another word for a young man?

lad, dude, kid, boy, teenager

Is bareback riding effected by weather?

No, just your ability or talent affects bareback riding.

When was Bareback at Big Sky created?

Bareback at Big Sky was created on 2005-09-20.

What does it mean do go bareback?

The term "bareback" refers to horseback riding. When one goes bareback it means that one is riding the horse without the use of a saddle and on the bare back of the horse.

What is another word for child that sarts with an L?

A 'lad' is a child, usually refers to a young boy.

Is it called bareback riding or bare horse back riding?

Everybody who rides just calls it bareback. But if you dont ride it's bareback riding. (improving answer) if you look in the dictionary, it is actually bareback (one word) and as the person before me, most just call it bareback well for short its is called bare back riding. bare horse back riding is just the longer name for it