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Even if you are breast feeding and you do get pregnant , you can know by the morning sickness and the urine test report if you are pregnant or not.

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2009-04-06 10:03:11
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Q: How would you know if im pregnant but im not regular in your period because im breast feeding?
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Can you still become pregnant while your breast feeding?


Which is better breast feeding of bottle feeding?

breast feeding because you have more of a bond with your child and breast milk is better for them then formula

Can breasts let down if you're not pregnant or breast feeding?


Is breast milk normal when not pregnant?

unless you are breast feeding no. it is a sign of serious medical problems though

Can a cat get pregnant while breast feeding?

Yes she can my cat gave birth and after a week she was pregnant but the she starts hissing at them because she's afraid they will hurt the unborn

Can you take Eucalyptus while pregnant?

Pregnancy And Breast-Feeding All forms of eucalyptus oil should be avoided by pregnant or breast-feeding women because of its known toxicity. It is not clear if eucalyptus oil is passed to babies through breast milk, but there have been cases of infant deaths from taking eucalyptus oil by mouth.

Why do my breast smell like breast milk even tough I'm not breast feeding and am not pregnant?

Cause you need to wash your boobies

Can you used propyl if pregnant?

No, you can ONLY take medicines that are prescribed for you by a doctor the KNOWS you are pregnant when pregnant or breast feeding a child.

Who should not have a liver scan?

Women who are pregnant or breast feeding should not have this test.

What happens to your milk once you get pregnant while breast feeding?

still the same..

You gave birth 10 weeks ago im not breast feeding but you have not yet had a period are you pregnant?

Yes, you can absolutely be pregnant if you have been sexually active if you have not been using contraception. Your menstrual cycle can be quite irregular and unpredictable up to 6-12 month after childbirth. Breast feeding can delay menstruation. However, just because you're breast feeding, doesn't mean you don't have to use contraception.

Is breastfeeding is also way of birth control?

NO!NO!NO! Breast feeding in no way is birth control. Just about all species of animals get pregnant while lactating(breast feeding) their young.

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