How would a tomboy kiss a girl?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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My experience is a best friend tomboy kiss me but that is because we are friends. If you are saying the french kiss-like kiss then my answer would be : they would kiss you just like a boy kisses a girl.

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Q: How would a tomboy kiss a girl?
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What should you do if you want to kiss your boyfriend but you are a tomboy?

Kiss him. A "tomboy" is just a label and not who you are. Don't let the label determine what you do or who you are. It is just how you dress not how you feel.

Who is the most tomboy girl in the world?

The most tomboy girl in the world is Robyn Scrimger.

Is Zendaya Coleman a tomboy or a girly girl?

she was a tomboy when she was little but she is a girlie girl now ={)

Is kimberly a girly girl name or tomboy name?

A girl chooses to be a tomboy or a girly girl. If she chooses to be a tomboy, she might pick a nickname like Kat or Kit.

Would u kiss peach or daisy?

I would kiss Peach because she isn't much a tomboy, though I don't judge tomboys personally, it just seems weird to me.

Did Michael Jackson like a girl who is a tomboy or a princess?


What do you call a girl that is in between a girly-girl and a tomboy?

You call them both or a girly girlish tomboy.

What is a boy that acts like a tomboy?

A tomboy is a girl that acts like a boy. Such a girl would rather climb trees or play football with boys, than play with dolls with the girls.

When would Justin bieber kiss a girl?

yes he will kiss a girl

Is Harper Finkle A Tomboy?

No, Harper Finkle is not a Tomboy. Yes she does boy talk but that is part of a decent girl. She wears dresses ALL the time. No tomboy would make themed outfits. Thank you, Ashbash2000

What is the best tomboy girl name for a band?

i would probably say def jam

What do you get a girl that you haven't been dating very long for Valentines day?

it depends on if she is a girlie girl or a tomboy.... if she is a girlie girl get her like flowers or something but if she is a tomboy get her a belt for a snowmobile just kidding but really get her a necklace she will like it even if she is a tomboy. believe me I know because I'm a girl but I'm a tomboy