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Slaves were treated in a deplorable manner. In most cases, any means to make them feel like less than a human being was the route taken by most slave owners.

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Q: How were slaves treated on the average southern plantation?
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What did southern plantation owners use instead of money?

slaves, crops

What purpose did spirituals serve on southern plantation?

Spirituals were used in worship by African-American slaves on southern plantations. They were also used to deliver messages that the slaves did not want the plantation owners to understand.

Often the most dangerous tasks on a southern plantation were given to the?

strongest slaves

The most dangerous tasks on a southern plantation were given to the?

strongest slaves

What did Andrew Jackson do about the slaves?

Andrew Jackson had an affair on his wife with one of his African American slaves

What did southern plantation owners use insted of money?

Tools to use against slaves.

On average how many slaves died on a plantation because of beatings?

There is no way to determine an average of how many slaves died on a plantation due to beatings or otherwise as there are very limited records of slaves births and deaths. Most of them had no record kept.

Who depended mostly on slaves in the southern colonies?

slave owners, slave traders, and plantation owners.

In the Americas most African slaves were sold to work .?

They worked in southern plantation states.

Slaves enabled southern plantation owners to obtain wealth by growing sugar indigo and what?


Why were slaves ill treated although they were important to the sugar plantation?

Slaves were ill-treated because their owners viewed them as property, not as human beings. The economic benefits derived from their labor were prioritized over their well-being, leading to harsh treatment to maximize profits from the sugar plantation. The dehumanization of slaves allowed for the justification of their mistreatment.

Did the New England and Middle Colonies and Southern Colonies all have slavery?

Southern Colonies had slaves to do their work on the plantation, Middle Colonies had some slaves but they were kinda in the middle, while the New England Colonies had no slaves.