How thick is a pool liner?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It depends on the pool, but it appears that on average they run around 20 Gauge, or the slightly thicker 20 Mil. Both of these are roughly .5 mm or .02 inch. 25 Mil/Gauge is thicker, and usually carry a better warranty.

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Q: How thick is a pool liner?
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How long does an inground pool liner last?

An in-ground pool liner usually comes with a 10 year limited warranty. They have been known to last more then 25 Years. Remember though that there are conditions such as water chemistry and other variables that can lengthen or shorten the length of a liner.

How many gallons water in a 16x32x4 pool?

I had a pool liner replaced in a pool of that size; however, my pool also has an 8' diving well. The contractor said that I used 12,000 gallons of water.

Should you put in a black pool liner?

It is extremely difficult to see dirt on any dark colored liner, which sounds good,but imagine the difficulties when cleaning.

Can you put hot water in your pool?

yes, i have before... but if you mean boiling water, i wouldn't do it. it might melt your liner.... :)

What is better plaster or liner?

Depends on what you're looking for. A plaster pool can be drained and painted but it does crack and certain chemicals can aid in the cracking process. A gunite pool would be a better but probably a more expensive choice than plaster. The liners are great. My brothers pool is an inground pool with a liner that was installed in 1983, in a flood and hurricane zone. It has never torn, wrinkled, or lifted up in any way. In a major flood zone such as we have here in south Louisiana, a plaster pool can lift up and begin to float. The liner is also very smooth and comforting to the feet when playing in the pool. My liner was installed only 5 years ago and we have been very satisfied, although it requires a different set of chemicals. A lined pooled should never be drained completely. Either way you choose, I would suggest going with the saltwater filtration system. It turns out to be less expensive in the end. Hope this gives you some things to consider.

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How thick is a swimming pool?

The width of the wall of the pool, about the first 42" down from the top, depends on the type of pool. Excluding pools older than 40 years, gunite and concrete pool walls are 12" thicik; fiberglass pool walls are 5/8" thick, and most vinyl liner pool walls are 1/8" thick and made of galvanized steel. A very small percentage of vinyl liner pool walls fiberglass and 3/8" thick, plus an even smaller percentage are cypress wood about 8" thick.

Where can one buy a pool liner?

There are many places where one can buy a pool liner. One can buy a pool liner at popular on the web sources such as Liner World, USA Pool Pros, and National Pool Wholesalers.

Does a pool liner pad stop an existing leak?

The pool liner pad is placed underneath the pool liner to prevent items from cutting through the liner. If the liner is already leaking, the liner pad will not stop the leak.

How do you turn a fully concrete liner pool into a fully concrete pool with out a liner?

by taking the liner away!

What is a pool liner?

Overlap refers to just that... the liner overlaps the top of the pool. The other option is a hung liner, where the liner locks into a track..

What is better vinyl or PVC pool liner?

This is unfortunately a circuitous question since both are common names for the same product. PVC stands for PolyVinyl Chloride and this type of liner is often refered to as a "Vinyl Liner". Sometimes when someone asks for a PVC pool liner they are referring to a Commercial (reinforced for strenght and textured for slip resistance) PVC Pool Liner or PVC Pool Membrane (e.g. RenoSys is the most successfully installed North American Brand). Whereas residential PVC or Vinyl Liners are only 20 to 28 mils thick, a Commercial membrane is reinforced with a scrim and is typically 60 mils thick.

Can you paint a pool liner?

When you say a "pool liner" I am assuming you mean a vinyl liner as normally called a liner for short. If so then no, the liner cannot and should not be painted.

Pool Liner?

form_title= Pool Liner form_header= Replace or install a liner for your pool. Do you need to replace an existing liner?*= () Yes () No Is it an in-ground or above-ground pool?*= () In Ground () Above Ground What is the size of your pool?*= _ [50]

How much pool liner do you allow at top for overlap pools?

That normally depends on where you are getting the liner from, but in most cases, you measure the pool diameter and actual pool wall height. When you order the liner, let the liner manufacturer know the liner is for an above-ground pool with an overlap liner. The liner manufacturer will then make the pool wall enough longer to allow several inches of liner material to fold over the top of the pool wall and anchor it in place with the liner locking strips.

What is a overlap pool liner?

Overlap refers to just that... the liner overlaps the top of the pool. The other option is a hung liner, where the liner locks into a track..

How can you keep your vinyl pool liner from pulling out?

liner lock

Removing stains on vinyl salt water pool liner?

I have a build up of salt on my pool liner in the deep end of my pool, how can I get this broke up to clean my pool.