How tall should a 5th grader be?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: How tall should a 5th grader be?
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How tall should a third grader be?


What to do when a 5th grader asks out a 6th grader?

You should say yes if u like them

Should 5th or 6th grader have a TV in their room?


How tall is a rhino?

A rhino is from seven to eight feet thisanswer is from an 5th grader what now!!!!!!

What are some notes on math should a 5th grader take notes on?

Regular practice and doing as many problems as possible are some of the notes on Math that a 5th grader should consider.

What is the average weight of a 5th grader?

well, about 70-80 pounds. it depends how tall you a 5th grader myself i weigh 80 pounds but im also 4'11 it just depends how tall you arewow u r tall! i am 4'6 i weigh 75 LBS (pounds)

Average weight for a 5th grader?

I'm in fifthgrade and I'm 52 inches tall and 98.2lbs

How much should a fith grader weigh?

it depends how tall the person is.

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i go for it have fun

What is average length of a penguin?

emperor penguins are as tall as a 5th grader the smallest penguin is the little blue

How much should an 8th grader weigh?

it depends on your genes in your family. i would say 150 lbs. no mostly it depends on how tall you are,if your tall you should weigh more. id say a tll eight grader should weigh about 140-170 but a short eight grader, probably about 115-150

Should a 5th grader start texting on there cellphone?

They should because they will be either texting relatives or friends.