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After your period is due.

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Q: How soon will a pregnancy show up on a pregnancy test?
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How soon after you conceive can a positive pregnancy test result show up?

3 weeks later

Can a girl be faintly pregnant?

yes in the beginning if it is too soon the pregnancy test will barley show up it happened too me.

How many lines should show on a pregnancy test if you are pregnant?

Two lines should show up If you are pregnant on a pregnancy test /:

Will hcg show up in a drug test?

No. hCG shows up in a pregnancy test.

If you are 2 weeks 4 days pregnant will a pregnancy test show up positive or negative?

A home pregnancy test will show up most probably negative in this case.

When you get a blood test do they have to be testing for pregnancy or does that just show up in any blood test?

No, it doesn't show up in just any blood test.

What does it mean when you see a third line show up on your pregnancy test?

You should read your directions in the pregnancy test package.

What about if youre pregnant but it is too soon to show up on a test and you take the shot?

If you think that's a possibility, you repeat the pregnancy test in two weeks. Depo provera will not end or harm an existing pregnancy; if you're pregnant, you can still choose to continue or end the pregnancy.

Signs that will show up before a pregnancy test?

The signs that show up are cramping, spotting, vomiting.

How soon a blood test will detect pregnancy?

Depending on the lab and the pregnancy, it can sometimes pick it up 10 days after conception.

Will the hcg pregnancy hormone show up in a blood test one week into pregnancy?

yes hun

How soon after conception will a pregnancy test show positive?

with a blood test up if you know when you ovulate then up to 7-10days after that is when implantation takes place blood test should be able to tell you then. lab worker told me so and they are they one who does testing.

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