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Pregnancy releases a hormone that softens your muscles for child birth the first sign you going to notice is a soft flabby stomach, or you'll look bloated.

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Q: How soon could you notice abdominal changes in early pregnancy and what would you notice?
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What could cause fluttering in the lower abdominal area besides pregnancy?


Can a boy be a pregnant?

Not naturally. There was a case about a man who had an egg implanted for an abdominal pregnancy, but the birth could not be natural.

How early in pregnancy could these be felt?

WIth my second pregnancy I could tell at 3 weeks. It was the way that everything smelled so strong. I was also really moody and tired. With my first pregnancy on the other hand I could not really tell at all in the beginning. My period was late and I was very emotional. But, beware!! WIth my second pregnancy I took 3 tests that all came out negative. But I just knew. So my husband and I went to the hospital and there they did another urine test, and then told me Congratulations!!!

Why was the Ultrasound scan invented?

It evolved out of defense-oriented electronics devices such as Radar and more specifically Sonar, which uses sound waves. Sonic altimeters operating on pulses of Compressed Air were in use in l934 by what was to become the Luftwaffe and they were installed on commercial Zeppelins such as the Graf Zeppelin and HIndenberg. A sort of variant called the sonicaltimeter ( an early use of run-on language now so common) was made and used on Blimps by the US Navy and was adapted to submarine detection during the war. so it goes.

Could someone be pregnant if they are two weeks late and they have lower abdominal soreness?

Yes. Take a home pregnancy test and contact your physician.

What could be the cause of general abdominal pressure and tightness for the past 3 weeks along with missed period?

pregnancy. you should take a test

Could you be pregnant if you missed your period and your nipples are itchy and you have lower abdominal pain?

Did you have unprotected sex within the last 28 days? If yes then there is a chance that you could be pregnant. The best way to find out is to have a pregnancy test 4 weeks after the event of unprotected sex. But a miss period and some stomach aches are not the only symptoms of pregnancy. Missed periods and stomach ahces also come from stress. The more you stress and panic about the possibility of being pregnant the likely hood you may just skip your period for that month, thus worrying you even more. So take the test or go and talk to your local sexual health clinic, or do both. As getting stressed out doesn't help anyone, especially you.

You are 5 weeks 3 days pregnant hcg values don't double but rise progesterone rise from 10 to 16.5 mild right lower abdominal pain could it be ectopic?

Yes it most definitely could be ectopic. You need to get a pelvic ultrasound done. The radiologist will see changes in the lining of your uterus if it is possibly a normal pregnancy. If it is ectopic, there will be no changes to your uterus (prepping for the baby,etc.) They also may be able to see the ectopic pregnancy through an ultrasound. Do not wait to find out about this. It could be life threatening to you.