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Starting the Birth Control pill will not cause an earlier period. It will delay your period. Talk to your health care provider or pharmacist to clarify what you should do next.

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Q: How soon can you start your birth control pills to get your period early?
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Can changing different kinds of birth control cause your period to start early?

It's possible that changing birth control pills will change the timing of your next period.

How can you get your period a week early using birth control?

Your period will arrive early if you miss pills but doing this is risky as you wont be protected against pregnancy.

Is there a way to delay your period other than birth control pills?

Unfortunately there is no way to delay your period except for birth control pills.

Can birth control pills stop your period?


Can you start a new pack of birth control pills a day early?

Starting a pack of birth control pills a day early does not increase the risk of pregnancy; in fact, it may decrease the risk. Continue taking your pills as normal. Your period will just arrive a day early that's all.

Can you get your period early if you're on the birth control pill?

Women on the birth control may have unexpected bleeding, particularly in the first three months of use or if they miss pills.

Will your period be late if you do not take the green pills?

In some birth control brands, the green pills are active pills and should not be skipped. In other brands, the green pills are placebos (sugar pills or reminder pills) and can be skipped. Talk to your pharmacist or health care provider to get information specific to your brand of birth control pills. If you skip active pills, your period will be early and you increase the risk of pregnancy. If you skip placebo pills, your period will be delayed.

Why did you get your period 15days after your last period?

If you're on birth control and have missed any pills this can result in a early period. Alternatively pregnancy, irregular periods or hormone imbalance can also cause a early period.

Is it normal to start your period 2 weeks early when on birth control pills?

no this is NOT normal, maybe you have forgotten the pill or miscalculated.

Is it possible to have a early period when you on birth control pills?

Yes, breakthrough bleeding is not unusual - especially in the first three months.

Can accidentally taking 2 birth control pills in one day cause you to start your period early?

No. You will be fine. Forgetting several days will result in starting your period early.

What can happen if you start the birth control pills after the period?

Period time disturbed

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