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with your lips. snog him

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Q: How should you kiss a guy?
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Should you kiss a guy?


What is the best kiss for a first kiss?

closed mouth, guy should start it

Where should you kiss the guy im flirting with?

On the cheek.

When should a guy have his first kiss?

I say you should have your first real kiss (not like elementary) when he's sometime in his teens.

What kind of move should the guy make?

In my opinion the guy should make the first move on the first kiss.

Should you kiss a guy that you like to see if he kisses you back?

Yes you should.

Should you kiss a guy that broke up with you but still likes you?

well you should not

Should a guy kiss you if he already has a girlfriend?

No, it is very wrong.

How old do you have to be to kiss a guy?

I say it should be whenever your ready

Should you kiss a guy if he brakes your pash band?


Should a girl kiss a guy before periods or after?


Should a guy make the move for a first kiss?