How reset nokia n73 lock code?

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2012-01-13 10:50:04

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how to rest i forgot my password in Nokia N73

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2012-01-13 10:50:04
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Q: How reset nokia n73 lock code?
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The hard-reset or better known as format Nokia phone is simply to perform a factory restore, i.e. a process to restore the phone to factory default settings.For my case, hard-reset did successfully fix the keypad problem (where the software keypad appears and closes immediately).Although this "secret key" does format Nokia 5800, it COULD NOT reset the Nokia 5800 lock code or security code back to the default 12345!That's why I knew it won't reset my Nokia 5800 lock code, after found out the v21 firmware is no longer presents an alpha-numeric keypad for entering my valid lock code that made up of alphabets only :-(.So, what is the secret key to format or hard reset Nokia 5800?For non-touchscreen Nokia phone, like my earlier N73 that running on S60 3rd Edition UI, the so-called secret key to format or hard reset is by pressing call key, asterisk key, and the numeric key 3 while power on the device, until the Nokia logo appears.For Nokia touchscreen phone, like Nokia 5800 and probably valid for next smart phones running on S60 5th Edition UI too, press the call key (green), cancel call key (red) and the camera shutter button while power on the device, until the Nokia logo appears.The first symptom of successful format / hard reset is the touchscreen vibration turning on (if you've turned it off before hard reset).Next, depend on your phone settings before hard reset / format, you're prompted to enter PIN code followed by lock code (remember, the lock code remains same as what you've set for it).Then, the interface request you to choose your country followed by setting the date and time for the phone.

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