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Q: How old should you be when you start cussing?
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What do it mean when you laugh then cry then you start cussing and arguing?

your having a fun time laughing the somethin' goes wrong and you cry and cussing and arguing

When do kids need to start cussing?

your kids can start to cuse at 13 or 14 if the parent deny it

When did cussing start?

i started cussing when i was like 10, and once in school i said the word suck and they thought i meant a cuss word, so thats where i learned the f word.

Is cussing against babtist religion?

No, cussing is not a Baptist religion, or any religion at that! Cussing is bad so don't do it.................for our god, pleas.

Who has a server i can join with no cussing and what's the address?

should look that up on YouTube or minecraft

How old should your kid start driving?

They should start when it is legal to do so in your area, if they wish to.

How old should you be to start texting?


Who has a Minecraft server i can join with no cussing and what's the address?

should look that up on youtube or minecraft

Does the Kitchen Princess series have any cussing in it?

Probably because it was made for younger people too and the people who made it didn't want to have cussing in it. 0.0 do you want there to be cussing?!

Why do you say snap Where does it come from?

its like a alternative to cussing but if you say "snap" your not cussing and idkk where it comes from

Is cussing in school inappropriate behavior?

yes because cussing is bad words and aren't you there to learn?

Is there cussing on the campaign in call of duty ghosts?

Yes, just like all other installments of the Call of Duty series, there is a lot of cussing. However, only in the campaign is there cussing.