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No sn data in the public domain.

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2012-03-31 00:13:55
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Q: How old is your new England firearm with a nm serial number?
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How old is your New England firearm with a NK serial number?


How oldis New England firearm with ns 325615 serial number?

Sorry- no public published data for these.

Where is the serial number on new elgin arms shotgun?

These were made many years ago, and may not HAVE a serial number. Serial numbers were not required by law on rifles and shotguns until 1968. Yes, it is perfectly legal to own a firearm that never HAD a serial number IF the law did not require it at the time the gun was made. It is illegal to remove any serial number from a firearm, or to possess one that has had the SN removed.

What year is your pardner 20 gauge by New England firearm?

To answer that question, we will need to know the date "code" - there will be a two letter code stamped into the left side of the receiver, usually found just before the serial number.

When was Thompson contender made serial number is 7000?

The Thompson Contender with a serial number of 7000 was made in the year 1967. Thompson/Center Arms is a firearm company that is based in Rochester, New Hampshire

What is the value of a 12 gauge New England firearm model NE238673?


How much is a new England firearm 223 with a survival stock worth?


What is the value of a New England Piano made by the New England Piano Company?

These restored pianos go for several thousands of dollars.

Can pits be taken out of the inside of muzzleloader or new barrel with same serial no be bought?

In answer to part two of your question, you usually cannot get a new barrel with the same serial number, however; the part of the firearm that must have a serial number is the frame of the firearm. In other words, a replacement barrel with a different serial number is kosher. Many firearms manufacturers will replace the barrel with a new one that has the old serial number along with additional numbers/symbols/letters to indicate it is a replacement as long as you send it to the manufacturer for repair.In answer to the first part, maybe. Without knowing how bad the pits are, and any other possible problems you might not see, it is not possible to give a definitive answer on you case. Consult a gunsmith.There are very few firearms that are serial numbered on the barrel to match the frame/receiver. There is no requirement to have a number on the barrel.

What year is your new England firearms 410 shotgun made with serial number NM328419?

I can say that the new england brand of shotguns were imported between 1987-2007.These were imported by H&R.

Where can you find information on a New England firearms handi rifle sb2 3006 serial number NM335889 year sale price at the time it was sold etc?

Made 1989 to date, sold for about $150 new, No serial number data published.

What is the value of a 20 gauge NU349486 New England Firearm?

I do not know of any location that has NEF serial number data for dating this shotgun. NEF made/makes relatively modest priced firearms. You could be in the 50-200 USD range depending on model, papers, accessories, etc..

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