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Your Winchester model 1400MK2 was only made for 4 years,from 1968-1972.

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Q: How old is your Winchester model 1400 mk2 n819592?
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How old is a Winchester model 1400 mk2- 12gauge semi automatic shotgun - Ser N453081?

Your Winchester model 1400 MK2 was made between the years 1969-1972.These were the only years that Winchester stamped there model 1400 with the MK2.

How old is Winchester model 1400 mk2 - 12 gauge single shot - ser N542596?

The Winchester model 1400 MK-II was made from 1968-1972.

Will a Winchester 1300 forend fit a Winchester 1400 mk2?


Where can you get a manual for a Winchester 1400 Mk2?

Winchester customer service, from their website.

Age Winchester 1400 mk2?

1968-1974 the were produced

How old is a Winchester model 1400 mk2 - 12 gauge semi-auto shotgun - Ser. N586026?

I have been offered $200. by retail shops. However they tell me the value is $300-$350.00. That is 100% The Winchester 1400 was marked with the Mk2 between 1969 and 1972. After 1972 they returned to the plain 1400 designation.

How old is a Winchester model 1400 mk2 12 gauge semi auto shotgun Ser N586026?

Your shotgun was made between 1968-1972.

How old ia Winchester model 1400 mk2 - 12 gauge semi-auto ser419895?

200-300 on GunBroker

What is a Winchester model1400 mk2 worth?

The value of your Winchester model 1400 MK 2 will be between 155-220 dollars for a shotgun with between 60%-90% of its original condition.If yours has the vent rib barrel then between 165-240 dollars.

Can you still get spares for Winchester 1400 mk2 semi auto?

Check with numrich gin parts corp,or you could look for them at

Can you date a Winchester 1400 mk2 semi automatic shotgun by serial number?

If the data has been published, yes. If not, made from 1968-74.

Can you shoot steel shot in the 1400 mk2?

Consult your owner's manual