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No sn data available.

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Q: How old is the Neumann Brothers double barrel shotgun with the assembly number 4113?
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Neumann Brothers double barrel shotgun?

That will be an assembly number. Serial numbers were not required on long arms made or imported to the US until 1968, so very few manufacturers assigned them. Since Neumann started making shotguns about 1863, the barrels could be damascus. If so, there will be a pattern of loops or swirls.ASSEMBLY NUMBER IS 4113.

Neumann Co Liege-Relgique double barrel shotgun with a picture of lighthouses on the barrel Any ideas of its age or value?

There is one shotgun. It is Belgium made. DePose POUDRER VIVE with name NEUMANN FRERES from LIEGE on barel. If You have some interests, please write on e-mail:

What is the value of a Brothers and son double barrel shotgun?

Unknown maker.

What is the value of a Neumann and Company Arms double barrel shotgun made in 1955?

Another Belgian shotgun. Neumann Bros were in business into the 20th century, although a gun that year of manufacture is doubtful. Value is going to be minimal, and the gun should be looked over by a gunsmith to ascertain exactly what you have.

What is a cylinder bored shotgun barrel?

A shotgun barrel with a cylinder bore choke.

Value of a neumann 10 gauge shotgun with extra 12 gauge double barrel?

50-100 USD Just sold the shotgun to a dealer before Christmas for 3600.00. I took a friend by to see it today and the dealer said he had three people wanting it,he said don't get that confused with the old barrel types.

Can a slug cartridge be fired through a rifeled barrel?

yes a rifled shotgun barrel or smooth shotgun barrel

Will a Stevens 311 side by side 12 ga barrel assembly work on a Savage 511 side by side shotgun frame?


12 ga 32 inch barrel long tom single barrel shotgun?

Buy Shotgun. Buy Shotgun.

What are the parts of a double barrel shotgun?

Barrel, stock,

What is a rifled slug barrel?

A shotgun barrel with rifling.

What is the value of a Neuman brothers twelve gauge double barrel side by side percussion cap shotgun?

Never heard of the maker.

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