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8 years old

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Q: How old is skai Jackson in real life?
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Is skai Jackson 8 years old in real life?

9 actually, as of 2012.

What is Zuri from Jessie kik username?

Zuri's real name is Skai jackson and she is 7 years old

How old will skai Jackson be on her birthday?

Skai Jackson is 18 years old her birthday is April 8

Is skai Jackson and Jesse Jackson twins?

skai jackson is 12th years old jesse jackson is 72 years old are you trying to funny

How old skai Jackson?


How old is skai Jackson in 2014?

The actress Skai Jackson is 11 years old as of 2014. She was born on April 8, 2002. she will turn 12 years old in April of 2014.

Which month skai Jackson born?

Skai Jackson was born April 5, 2002 and is also the cutest 9 year old in the world

Is skai Jackson is 7 years old?

No she is 10 years old she was born in 2002.

Is skai Jackson 9 years old?

No, she is a 7 year old girl actress.

When is it skai Jackson's birthday?

8th April 2002 (10 years old)

How much does skai Jackson weigh?

First thing you should know is that Skai Jackson is 11 years old. so she may weigh up to 105 pounds.

What is skai Jackson age and birthday?

Skai jackosn was born april 8 2002 in new york city and she is 10 years old