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she is 36 years old as my teacher says..

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Q: How old is rhona mahilum picture?
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What is the story of Rhona Mahilum?

Rhona Mahilum is a little responsible and hardworking daughter. She always gives medicine to her siblings and she washes the clothes. One night,they were sleeping and their house was on fire Rhona was outside the house that time. She was so brave to go inside and save her siblings and her family.Her back and her face was on fire and she got bald.Because of saving lives of others,the Filipinos declared that she should be a "Batang Bayani"

How old is Rhona Mitra?

Rhona Mitra is 35 years old (birthdate: August 9, 1976).

How old is rona mahilum of negros occidental?

hulaan mo....

How old is Rona Mahilum of Negros Occidental now?

Rona Mahilum's birthdate does not appear to be available publicly. At the time of the fire, in May of 1996, she was eight years old. If she had her birthday prior to the fire, she would have been born in 1988. If she would have turned nine some time later in 1996, she would have been born in 1987.

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What is the birth name of Rhona Bennett?

Rhona Bennett's birth name is Bennett, Rhona Lynn.

What is the birth name of Rhona Bonnar?

Rhona Bonnar's birth name is Rhona Louise Bonner.

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When was Rhona Robertson born?

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