How old is Usopp?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Ussop is 17. (the same age as luffy)

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Q: How old is Usopp?
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What episoes usopp retrun?

Usopp returning from? If you mean the timeskip, it's around episode 517.

What chapters does Luffy fight Usopp?

332 and 333

What episode does usopp leave luffy?

Episode 236

What episode Luffy vs Usopp in PPS?

it is in episode 3.

Is Usopp SogeKing One Piece?

Yes. Sogeking is a masked disguise that Usopp used, so he could support the Strawhat pirates even though he had left them. Only Luffy was fooled though of course.

Who is Sogeking One piece?

He is Usopp. He used the mask and the name because that time he and Luffy had a conflict.

Why did luffy and usopp fight?

I'm presuming your refering to the fight between Luffy and Usopp back on Franky's island WaterSeven/Aqua Lagoona. Well they were fighting over whether they should leave their ship, Merry, behind as it had become broken beyond repair after their visit to the Sky Island. Usopp wants to save and repair the Merry, but Luffy see's sense and knows it's safer to leave the Merry behind. Usopp challenges Luffy to a dwell, which Zoro forsees and prevents the others from getting involved and stopping them. Luffy, enevitably, wins.

What episode does Usopp get his kabuto?

If I can remember correctly, the Strawhats gathered on the edge of the bridge at Judiciary Island and confronted the CP9, Robin and Franky, who faced them on the small floating island above the giant waterfall. Usopp, disguised as Soge King, presented everybody with his new weapon, Kabuto, when Luffy asked him to burn down the Marines flag. From what i can remember, i don't think there was an episode explaining how Usopp got his new weapon.. Anyways it's on either episodes: 278 or 274 =]

Who does usopp love?

Ussop loves Nami. It is obvious because when the crew is always gone they are always together. It is true because he is nice to her as well. There you go.

Name everyone in luffy's crew?

As of the latest manga, Roronoa Zoro - Swordsman, Usopp - Sniper, Sanji - Chef, Nami - Navigator, Tony Tony Chopper - Doctor, Frankie - Shipwright, Nico Robin - Archaeologist, Brook - Musician.

What does usopp do?

If you are refering to the One Piece anime character, he is the sniper and fourth member to join the strawhat pirates, ~he also paints flags and shoots cannon balls well. that's all he does (:

Who are the pirates on one piece?

The main pirates are the strawhat pirates which consist of 9 members Captian:Monkey D Luffy Crew:Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook.