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Graser10 is 26 years old, and it was confirmed by his friend and fellow Youtuber, ThatOneTomahawk, on twitter. Graser's birthday is on January 16th, confirmed by him on his Cube SMP Episode 100 Q & A.

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Q: How old is Graser10 from YouTube?
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How old is graser10?

23 years old.

Who is graser10?

Graser10 is a Canadian youtuber who is popular for his minecraft vanilla series called "The Cube" with his friends.

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There are rumors that it could be Zach, or Marcus. He says his name in one of his Survival Let's Plays. But no one really knows, so we still call him Graser. :)

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there should be a youtube on big nate island. go to youtube and type down poptropica big nate island part 1 and go to the name secretscp. (hes awesome) there is a girl named graser10 but she HATES him. :)

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Like a robot!

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