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you can be any age to have your ears pierced, a baby can have there ears pierced at 4 months old, but if you younger than 16 your parents do need to be with you... :)

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2010-07-11 20:21:37
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Q: How old do you need to be to pierce your ear?
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How old you have to be for an ear pierce?

1 day old-

What happens if a ear pierce on your ear closes?

Ahhh the piercing closes and you need to get it repierced..

What ear is the gay ear to pierce?

Guys pierce their right ear if theyre gay.

What ear does a guy pierce his ear on?


Which part of the ear do people pierce to wear earrings?

Most women pierce the lobe of the ear, although others, pierce the cartilage.

What is meaning of ear pierce?

It means to puncture or pierce the ear lobe and insert special jewellery designed to be worn in the ear lobe.

What ear do you pierce if you're straight?

the left ear.

Is it easier to piece your ear when the needle is hot?

You probably shouldn't pierce your ear if you can't spell pierce.

How old to get lip piercing in New York City?

Most places in NYC won't pierce you until your 18.Most won't even pierce your ear until you become a mature adult.But,from what i've heard you need to be 16 or if your under 16 then you need your parents with you.

How do you pierce my ear without a needle?

you can pierce your ear with a needle by burning it and put alcolhol in your ear for 5 to 10 minutes and get the burned needle and stick it in there

Dog ear piercing?

NEVER pierce a dog's ear.

Can you use nail polish remover so your ear won't get infected when you pierce it yourself?

NO NO NO NO NO! If you are going to pierce it yourself (There really is no reason to, but I can't stop you.) then you need to use rubbing alcohol then get an ice cube to numb it and then take an apple slice and place it on top of your ear. Then you pierce your ear. The apple helps because you wont know when you are actually going through you ear.

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