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You have to be the age of consent in your state. They vary from 16-18yo.

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Q: How old do you need give consent to hetrosexaul activity?
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Do both sets of parents need to give consent in order to marry a pair of minors?

Yes. Each sets of parents has to give consent for their child.

Do both parents need to give consent to put their baby up for adoption?

Yes they do.

Can a 17 year old live with an adult sibling in Illinois?

If the parents give consent he can. As a minor he will need their consent for moving out. They are still responsible for what he is doing.

What do you need to do if an individual is unable to express consent?

If you are working in a child care center and consent has not been given to give a child medication, you cannot do so. The only thing that you can do is to call the parents and make sure they give you a written consent; there is no other steps that you can follow.

Do a judge have to give consent to a parent before can consent to a marriage?

If the minor is 16 and up the parent can consent but in some states it is allowed below 16 but then you also need the courts consent and they rarely give it. It's hard to find really good reasons why children below 16 should marry and get emancipated.

Why is there only a need for one parent to give consent for underage dating?

I feel that I need to urgently homeschool my child but my ex won't give consent?

You can hire an attorney to see if a judge will give you permission to home school your child.

Do i only need a written consent to get a tattoo in new Zealand?

No you can not. You must be 16 with parents consent. 18+ consent is not needed

Do you need to sign a consent form in Massachusetts to give a vaccine?

Check out the Massachusetts government website in the related link for information.

What are effective ways to say no to sex or other undesirable behaviors?

You simply need to say 'No' - that is effective and the only way you need. If you don't want to engage in sexual activity simply practice self-control, and if someone is trying to get you to engage in sexual activity make it clear that you do not consent and they cannot have sex with you.

Can a boy age 18 marry a girl age 16 with her parents consent?

Yes, that is acceptable. Some states require that both of her parents give consent. Others, just need one parent's consent. However, some states don't allow people to get married legally until they are 21-so depending on your state, you could need parental consent as well.

Do you need parent consent to get emancipated?

You do not need parental consent to be emancipated. But it will make it more difficult and they do have to know about it.