How often should a eleven year old girl shave her legs?

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2011-08-31 07:41:47

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Honestly, I don't think an 11 year old should be shaving already. But if you have the go ahead from your mom, then you should do it whenever you need it. Like every morning after shaving my legs I run my hand down my legs. If I feel fuzzies, I know I need to shave again.

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2011-08-31 07:41:47
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Q: How often should a eleven year old girl shave her legs?
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There is absolutely nothing at all to say a 13 year old girl, nor anyone else of any other gender or age, should shave. Shaving is a personal preference and not something that people have to do. How often a person shaves is also down to personal preference and how fast their hair grows back or why they shave - e.g they may shave more often if their hair grows fast and they shave to wear dresses daily.

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no go for it, you can do it babe!

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