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depends on were you buy the land land is about 200,000 and a nice house is 500,000-1,000,000

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Q: How much would it cost to buy land and then build a home?
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Does the square foot cost to build a home include the land?

No ... the land purchase price is totally separate. The SF cost of building includes the foundation and the structure built upon it.

What is the cost to build a house in Kenya?

There is no set cost of building a home in Kenya. The price is determined by the cost of the land and the cost of building supplies. The labor is another factor in considering the cost of a home. The best and most accurate cost of building a home in Kenya can be given by a contractor.

Average cost to build a house in Maine?

The average cost of building a home in America is $100 a square foot. The cost of building a home in Maine is determined by the cost of the land, the cost of construction or labor, and the cost of the supplies. A home can be built on any budget.

If i buy a land do i have to build the house and how much will it cost to build?

do not buy it

What is proof of ownership when you build a home?

Deed of land.

What is cost to build a house in Tennessee?

The cost to build a house in Tennessee is around 300,000 dollars. This will cover supplies, inspections, and the land.

How did the people in Spain use their land?

They used their land to build home, raise farm animals, build roads etc.

Hom much would it cost to start a mechanic shop?

well you would have to pay for the land to build it on and then the tools the space and finally the lighting heating, etc. so it would cost an average of 85,000

How much did it cost to build Disneyland Florida?

It cost millions of dollars, and it took 3 years to build the first part of disney land

Who own your home if another person owns the land where it sits?

If the home is permanently attached to the real estate (not a mobile home) then the owner of the real estate owns the home. if you build a home on another person's land, they own it. Perhaps the owner would allow you to move the structure. However, you would need to restore the land to its natural state.

How much does the land cost to build a park?

ALOT. unless its a poor area.......

Where can you build your own dream home?

The best place to build your dream home is Surrey, B.C. in Canada. It is the best place to build your own home because of the term [LUC] which lets you build anything on the land up to 10,000 sq ft. LUC means land use contract or referred to 'null' law. Not all lots or land are LUC.

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