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2 lbs

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Q: How much weight is lost in the average poop?
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Is it unhealthy to poop too often?

Yes it is unhealthy to poop to much, you can lose a lot of weight. You should poop about once a day

How much does the average American poop in one year?

gross, but about 355 times a year

How much does a killer whale's poop weight?

A regular whale's poop weighs a bunch. If it weighs a bunch more than that, then it's a killer whale's poops

Will taking laxatives help you lose weight?

No, it will make you poop. The weight you lose from it is just all the poop and water flushing out from your butt.

If the weight of a 1kg body streches a spring by 2cm how much will the spring be streched when it supports a 3kg load?


Does poop weigh more than fat?

The weight of poop varies. It can be effected by fluid and fiber intake.

What does squids poop?

well squids do not poop. they squirt out ink. that is how they pretty much poop.

How much does your poop weigh?

Most adult feces weigh between 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound. Not that much really when many people eat 7 to 8 pounds of food a day. Most of the weight of the food we eat is water and is lost through urine, sweat, and respiration.

Is it bad to poop too much?

pooping is a blessing from the lord, you can never poop to much

How much do bunnies poop?

Bunnies usually poop about as much as a hamster, with larger "pellets".

How often does an average person poop their pants?

people poop their pants from the ages 0 to 4

Why does poop sink?

Poop stinks depending on how much bacteria is in it. The more bacteria in your poop, the smellier.

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