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About 3 litres a day, according to the American Nutrition Association.

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1 gallon

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Q: How much water should a 300 lb man drink?
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Does it matter how much water you have with a protein shake?

You should only have about 300 ml.

How much water is 300 grams of water?

300 grams of water is 300 ml , or 10.582 ounces

How much does a new born elephant drink?

i think baby elephants drink 150 to 300 gallons a day

How much water do ladybugs need daily?

im not shure they drink water but if they do drink at all i think they would drink dew off of leaves

How much water can a elephant drink?

On average an elephant can drink 60 to 120 liters a day. ( liters is very close to quarts ) An elephant can eat 200 to 300 kilograms a day. (~ 440 to 660 pounds )

How much do blue whales drink each day?

about 300 to 400 gallons of milk.

How much milk does a baby elephant drink a day?

150-300 gallons a day

How long is THC detected in urine descriptive?

it depends, if you dont do much physical activity and dont drink enough water it can take up to a month but if you are very active and drink plenty of water it can be out in as quick as two days

How much does 300 gallons of water weigh?

2400 pounds

How much water should you drink before you work out?

Most marathons will have both water and either Gatorade or Powerade for their runners during the race. Larger races have both options available at every water station which are usually available at every other mile. It is generally considered wise to alternate water at one stop, and an electrolyte replacement drink at the next stop as tolerated. Many runners will water down the electrolyte drink (particularly late in the race) as it tends to cause intestinal upset for many. Most runners do NOT drink fruit juices, sodas or even beer during races, though there are always exceptions to every rule.

How much does an elephant eat and drink each day?

It eats around 300-600 pounds of food a day.

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