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That varies from person to person. I know bout 4 people who have it done and they rate it at about a 6-7 on a scale of 1-10 with ten being the most painful.

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Q: How much to rook piercings hurt?
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How bad do rook piercings hurt?

Any piercing will only hurt as bad as your pain tolerance will allow. If your pain tolerance is high, it may not hurt you. If its low, it may be a little uncomfortable. I can tell you that piercings through cartilage are a little more of a shock than other piercings. Its over within seconds, so you should be fine.

How much do piercings hurt?

If you are getting a ear piercing it doesn't hurt at all but other kinds of piercings non your body hurt depending on where you get them!

How are rook piercings done?

A rook piercing is done by a professional body piercer using a sterile needle. The piercer will clean the area, mark the placement of the piercing, and then use a needle to create the hole for the jewelry to be inserted. It is important to care for the piercing properly to prevent infection and promote healing.

How much do bellybutton piercings hurt?

It hurts so much its hardly bearable.

How easily do rook piercings get infected?

Well that all depends on your level of personal hygene. Bathing and cleaning the piercings daily with soap and running water will help avoid infections. Failure to clean the piercings will result in a build up of skin oil and bacteria which can develope into a difficult to fight infection.

Do dermal piercings hurt?

Yes. All piercings hurt to some degree

Do surface hip piercings hurt?

It depends on your pain tolerance. For me it didn't hurt much. It was just a sharp pinch. Hip piercings have a really high chance of rejection though.

How much do ear piercings hurt?

It doesn't hurt that much. Just feels like a sharp pinch. But it may hurt if you have a high pain tolerence level.

What piercing does not hurt?

All piercings hurt.

Should you get your rook pierced on left or right ear I have my lobes pierced and 2 middle ear piercings on right ear?

AnswerYou should get your rook pierced on the left ear.

Do naval piercings hurt?

If you get it done by a professional, only the clamp should hurt, but I doubt that the clamp hurts too much.

What is the legal age for rook piercings in Canada?

I'm not sure about other areas, but in BC the legal age for any piercing without consent it 16 (excluding genitalia, nipples and surface piercings) However, there are many professional piercers that you can go to underage. I got my rook pierced when I was 14.