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You need to consult with a lawyer familiar with firearms law.

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Q: How much time can a 16year old get for having a gun?
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How much time you get for robbery with a air gun in ny state?

Just as much as if you use a real gun.

First time offense of having gun with medical history?

You need a lawyer

In the book Fighting Ground why does Jonathan have trouble with his gun?

* he has a hard time having to reload it.

If a Felon who has gun charges gets gun charges again how much time can you get in prison?

If its in California States

How much jail time can you get for a gun?

5-10 years.

Will you go to jail for a first time charge for a having a gun in the car unloaded?

It depends on where you are and what the exact charge is.

How much time do you get for a gun?

You need a lawyer for a current, legal and correct answer.

How much jail time for a gun charge in Virginia?

Depends on what the charge is.

How long will you go to prison for having a gun?

You don't have to go to jsil just for having a gun. You can if you shoot someone without any good initiative such as if it's a life or death crisis. You can if you have a gun without a liscense. There are many reasons you can go to jail involving a gun, but not for just having a gun.

How much time for shooting a gun?

0 to the Death Penalty depending on circumstances

How much time will you get for a gun?

0 to Life Without Parole depending on the circumstances

How much jail time will you get for having an illegal firearm?

Depends on why the gun is illegal, If you are a person that has been convicted of a felony (a serious crime) then possession of a gun is punished by 5 years in a Federal prison. No probation, no parole, no concurrent sentence- and a fine of up to $10,000. Make that an unregistered sawed off shotgun, or an unregistered machine gun, 10 years in a Federal prison.