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Q: How much sex should a couple have if they have kids?
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How old do you have to be to know about sex?

many kids get to know sex at a little age idk 8 or 10 but it should be 15 or 16. They get it from siblings friends movies and much more.

What should a marry couple do when he wants sex with other people?

Get a divorce.

What should you do when a room renter wakes your kids with sex?

kick them out

How much sex does the average couple have?

My wife and I have sex every day. And we have been together for eight years.

Should parents talks to their kids about sex?

Depends on the family, I would imagine most kids (and parents) would be very uncomfortable discussing sex together.

Should same-sex couples be allowed to marry and have kids?

no i think it is wrong .marriage should between man and women not same sex yes they should there is nothing wrong with a man and a man or a woman and a woman getting married and they would be just as capable to raise a kid as a straight couple

Why does kids have to wait to sex?

Most kids don't understand the problems that sex can cause, or exactly how much their life changes if one of them becomes pregnant. Additionally, the kids playing at sex aren't usually the ones who will be financially for the babies they create.

What should you do if kids walked in on their parents having kinky sex?

Put your kids back sleep and have reproduction more quiet

When did he have kids?

He had kids when he had sex

Should schools teach kids about sex education?

Yes, children should be teached sex education at the age of 10. Recommended by professional sex teachers. If they learn this at a learn this later stage, it will become difficult for them in their life. So therefore teach sex at the age of 10. They should also learn how to make semen and parents should guide kids for this. Parents should have sexual activities and children should watch it. Thank you.

Is it safe for a couple to have group sex?

If the couple engages in safe sex practices, group sex is just as safe as any other form of sex.

What are some reasons why same-sex couples should not marry?

Same-sex couples should not marry if they do not love each other. They should not marry solely for money. In short, the reasons for not marrying are the same for same-sex couples as for any other couple.