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Your protein amount per day is dependent on your weight, body frame, and activity. Please consult a nutritionist. No two people are the same.

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Q: How much proteins per day is normal?
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How many proteins sugars and carbohydrates are recommended per day?

its about for 1200 grams per day

How much is normal intake of calcium per day?

It ranges from 200-1200 mg

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What is normal oxygen intake per day?


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How many protein molecules can one ribosome produce per second?

Ribosomes produce about 2,000 proteins per second or 173,000,000 per day. Astounding beyond all reason. Multiply that by the number of cells in the human body, and you get 1.28x10 to the 21 proteins manufactured each day. Cells also destroy the same number. They are constantly renewing and replacing their proteins.

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